Our Speakers

  • A

    Adam, MD, Maya
    Expert on Child Nutrition, Lecturer at Stanford School of Medicine and the Program in Human Biology, Innovator in Online Learning
  • drattia
    Attia, MD, Peter
    Leader in Fight Against Diabetes and Obesity; Co-Founder, Nutrition Science Initiative; Former Surgeon and McKinsey Consultant
  • B

    Bailenson Jeremy
    Virtual Reality Expert & Authority on Its Impact on Business and Society; Cognitive Psychologist; Founding Director, Virtual Human Interaction Lab, Stanford University
  • michael-beer
    Beer, Michael
    Leadership, Change and Organizational Guru; Author of "Higher Ambition" and "High Commitment, High Performance"
  • chakravorti_headshot_edit
    Renowned Author and Expert on Global Innovation and Opportunities in Emerging Markets, Adversity and Crises
  • stewartbrand-1
    Brand, Stewart
    Author, Futurist, Activist, and Visionary
  • new_larry-brilliant_0
    Brilliant, Larry
    Pioneering Physician and Philanthropist; President, Skoll Global Threats Fund
  • C

    Capelin, Lauren
    Leading Expert on Development of the Global Collaboration Consumption Community and Emerging Trends in the Start-up Space
  • henry-chesbrough
    Chesbrough, Henry
    Foremost Authority on Open Innovation and Professor, Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley
  • ann-christensen_headshot
    Christensen, Ann
    Disruptive Innovation Expert and President of the Clayton Christensen Institute for Disruptive Innovation
  • clay-christensen
    Christensen, Clay
    Foremost Authority on Innovation and Father of Disruptive Innovation Theory; Author of Revolutionary Book “The Innovator’s Dilemma”
  • matthew-christensen
    Christensen, Matthew
    Disruptive Innovation Expert and Founder, with Clayton Christensen, of Rose Park Advisors
  • aron-cramer
    Cramer, Aron
    Authority on Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability Strategy; CEO, BSR; Co-Author, “Sustainable Excellence: The Future of Business in a Fast-Changing World”
  • D

    Marketing Guru and E-Commerce Expert; Author, “Location Is (Still) Everything”; Authority on Consumer Shopping Behavior; Wharton Professor
  • horace-dediu
    Dediu, Horace
    Foremost Mobile Industry Analyst & Visionary on Digital Business Disruption; Founder & Author of Market Intelligence Site Asymco.com
  • chris-derose
    DeRose, Chris
    Foremost Mobile Industry Analyst & Visionary on Digital Business Disruption; Founder & Author of Market Intelligence Site Asymco.com
  • karen-dillon
    Dillon, Karen
    Co-author of Current Best-seller “How Will You Measure Your Life?” and Former Harvard Business Review Editor
  • jeff-dyer
    Dyer, Jeff
    Innovation and Culture Expert; Co-Author, “The Innovator’s DNA” and "The Innovator's Method"; Executive MBA Professor, Wharton School; Professor of Strategy, BYU
  • F

    Ferren, Bran
    Expert on Leveraging Curiosity & Creativity for Innovation; Designer, Technologist, Inventor; Co-Founder of Applied Minds; Former Disney Imagineering Executive
  • frances-frei
    Senior Associate Dean and Professor of Service Management at the Harvard Business School; Author of Best-Seller "Uncommon Service"
  • nathan-furr
    Furr, Nathan
    Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Change Expert; Co-Author of “The Innovator’s Method”; Professor at BYU and INSEAD
  • G

    Gallo, David
    Scientist, Explorer, Educator and Advocate of Curiosity and Passion; Expert on Relationship Between Humanity and the Sea
  • howard-gardner
    Gardner, Howard
    Renowned Developmental & Cognitive Psychologist; Father of Multiple Intelligences Theory; Professor, Harvard Graduate School of Education
  • george_bradt_high-res_color_headshot
    Executive Onboarding & Transition Acceleration Expert; Author of "New Leader’s 100 Day Action Plan" and "First Time Leader"
  • pankaj-ghemawat
    Ghemawat, Pankaj
    Leading Economist and Globalization Guru; Expert on Competitive Business Strategy; Author of "World 3.0"; Professor, Stern School of Business & IESE Business School
  • hal-gregersen
    Gregersen, Hal
    Global Authority on Building Innovative Leaders and Companies; Executive Director of the MIT Leadership Center; Co-author, “The Innovator’s DNA”
  • H

    Heifetz, MD, Ronald
    Foremost Authority on Leadership & Organizational Adaptability; Founder, Center for Public Leadership; Senior Lecturer in Public Leadership, Harvard Kennedy School; Co-Founder, Cambridge Leadership Associates
  • rebecca-henderson
    Henderson, Rebecca
    Foremost Authority on Sustainable Business, Technology and Innovation; Harvard Business School Professor
  • peterhirshberg_web_may2012
    Hirshberg, Peter
    Pioneering Entrepreneur and Voice on Disruptive Culture and Technology
  • michael-horn-2015-hires
    Horn, Michael
    Authority on the Future of Education and Blended Learning Expert; Executive Director, Clayton Christensen Institute for Disruptive Innovation; Author of "Disrupting Class" and "Blended"
  • jason-hwang
    Hwang, MD, Jason
    Authority on Innovative Health Care Reform and Co-Author of “The Innovator’s Prescription: A Disruptive Solution for Health Care”
  • richard-hytner
    Hytner, Richard
    Authority on Leadership in Business, Sports, Entertainment & Politics; Deputy Chairman Worldwide, Saatchi & Saatchi; Author, “Consiglieri: Leading from the Shadows”
  • I

    Isenberg, Daniel
    Professor of Entrepreneurship Practice, Babson Executive and Enterprise Education; Author of "Worthless, Impossible and Stupid;" Former Entrepreneur and Harvard Business School Professor
  • J

    Co-Author of Best-Seller “How Will You Measure Your Life?” with Harvard Business School Professor Clayton Christensen
  • mark-johnson
    Johnson, Mark
    Co-Founder and Senior Partner, Innosight; Author of “Seizing the White Space: Business Model Innovation for Growth and Renewal”
  • K

    Keeley, Larry
    Leading Innovation and Strategy Expert; Author of "Ten Types of Innovation"; President, Doblin Inc.
  • eamonnkelly_web_may2012
    Kelly, Eamonn
    Futurist, Change Agent, and Strategic Thought Partner
  • kevinkelly_web_may2012
    Kelly, Kevin
    Technology Visionary; Author; Founding Executive Editor, WIRED
  • kevin-roberts
    Kevin Roberts
    Authority on Brands & the Future of Marketing; Executive Chairman, Saatchi & Saatchi; Creator of Groundbreaking Concept & Book: Lovemarks
  • nancy-koehn
    Koehn, Nancy
    Harvard Historian and Brand Expert
  • mark-kramer
    Kramer, Mark
    Co-creator, Shared Value Concept with Michael Porter; Authority on Strategy & Leadership for Social Impact; Senior Fellow, CSR Initiative at Harvard’s Kennedy School
  • L

    Langer, Ellen
    Mother of Mindfulness Theory; Social Psychologist; Authority on Leading and Living Boldly; Harvard University Professor
  • terry-leahy
    Leahy, Sir Terry
    Renowned Expert on Business Turnarounds; Authority on Management and Organizational Excellence; Former Tesco CEO
  • larry-lessig
    Lessig, Lawrence
    Leading Figure in Fight to Restore Integrity to America’s Institutions; Authority on Internet Law and Intellectual Property; Harvard Law School Professor
  • lyle-berkowitz
    Health Care Change Agent; Physician, Informatics Expert and Entrepreneur; Associate Chief Medical Officer of Innovation, Northwestern Memorial Hospital
  • M

    Malone, Thomas
    Renowned Organizational Visionary; Professor, MIT Sloan School of Management; Founding Director, MIT Center for Collective Intelligence
  • rory-mcdonald
    McDonald, Rory
    Harvard Business School Professor; Disruptive Innovation Expert; Authority on Competition and Innovation in Technology-Enabled Markets
  • chrismeyer_web_may2012
    Meyer, Chris
    Innovator; Business Builder; Author on the Future of the Global Economy
  • michael-raynor
    Expert on Strategy, Innovation & Corporate Performance; Author of “The Three Rules” & “The Innovator’s Solution” with Clay Christensen; Director with Deloitte Services LP
  • gautam-mukunda
    Mukunda, Gautam
    Authority on Leadership; Professor of Business Administration, Organizational Behavior Unit, Harvard Business School; Author of "Indispensable"
  • N

    Negroponte, Nicholas
    Visionary on Technology and Its Impact on Business and Society; Founding Chairman, MIT Media Lab; Founder, One Laptop per Child
  • P

    Pisano, Gary
    Innovation and Competitive Strategy Expert; Harvard Business School Professor; Author of “Producing Prosperity” and “Science Business”
  • jason-hwang
    Pontin, Jason
    Innovation Expert; Renowned Journalist; Influential Editor and Publisher of MIT Technology Review
  • michael-porter
    Porter, Michael E.
    Foremost Authority on Strategy, Competition and Competitive Advantage; Creator of Shared Value Concept; Harvard Business School Professor
  • R

    Global Authority on the Collaborative Economy; Author of "What's Mine Is Yours"
  • robert-kaplan
    Robert S. Kaplan
    Creator of the Revolutionary Balanced Scorecard; Foremost Authority on Performance Management and Strategy Execution in Business and Health Care
  • rosabeth-moss-kanter
    Distinguished Expert on Strategy, Innovation and Leadership for Corporate Change; Harvard Business School Professor; Author of "Confidence" & "SuperCorp"
  • robert_rosen-portrait
    Rosen, Bob
    Expert on Leadership and Organizational Performance; Founder and CEO, Healthy Companies; Author of New York Times Best-seller “Grounded”
  • rosenbaum_web_may2012
    Rosenbaum, Steven
    Authority on Digital Content and Changing Media Landscape; CEO of Waywire; Author, "Curate This!"
  • S

    Schlesinger, Len
    Entrepreneurship Expert and Services Industry Authority; Former President, Babson College; Former COO, Limited Brands and Au Bon Pain
  • pschwartz_web_may2012
    Schwartz, Peter
    World-Renowned Futurist and Strategist
  • dov-seidman_0
    Seidman, Dov
    Expert on Values-Based Leadership; Author of “HOW: Why HOW We Do Anything Means Everything… in Business (and in Life)”
  • clayshirky_web_may2012
    Shirky, Clay
    Expert on New Technology and Social Media, and How They Shape Culture; Professor and Distinguished Writer in Residence, NYU
  • heather-staker
    Staker, Heather
    Thought Leader on Blended Learning and Author of "Blended: Using Disruptive Innovation to Improve Schools"; Senior Research Fellow, Clayton Christensen Institute
  • T

    Executive Fellow, Organisational Behaviour at the London Business School; Award-winning Author and Expert on the Changing Workforce, Generations at Work, and Organizational Collaboration
  • elizabeth-teisberg_0
    Teisberg, Elizabeth
    Health Care and Service Delivery Expert; Dartmouth School of Medicine Professor; Harvard Institute for Strategy and Competitiveness
  • noel_tichy_web_may2012_0
    Tichy, Noel
    Transformational Leadership and Judgment Guru, Professor University of Michigan, formerly Head of Executive Education at Managing Director at GE - Crotonville
  • turkle_0
    Turkle, Sherry
    Acclaimed Author and Expert on Technology and Its Role in Transforming Relationships in a Digital Society; Sociologist and Professor, MIT
  • W

    Wachter, MD, Robert
    Global Leader in Healthcare Safety, Quality, Policy, IT; Professor of Medicine, University of California, San Francisco; Author, “The Digital Doctor: Hope, Hype and Harm at the Dawn of Medicine’s Computer Age”
  • scott-wallace_0
    Wallace, Scott
    Authority on Value-Based Care Delivery and Leading Health Care IT Expert; Professor, Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth
  • michelle-weise
    Weise, Michelle R.
    Expert on Disruptive Innovation in Higher Education; Senior Research Fellow at the Clayton Christensen Institute; Co-author, “Hire Education”
  • michael-wheeler
    Wheeler, Michael
    Leading Authority on Negotiation Theory and Practice; Author of Ground-breaking Book "Art of Negotiation"; Harvard Business School Professor
  • Z

    Zittrain, Jonathan
    Renowned Authority on Future of the Internet; Harvard Computer Science & Law Professor; Co-Founder & Chairman, Berkman Center for Internet & Society
  • ethanzuckerman_web_may2012
    Zuckerman, Ethan
    Acclaimed Digital Media Expert; Author; Director, MIT Center for Civic Media; Co-Founder, Global Voices