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The Value of Humanity in the Age of Technology

During the industrial revolution, people left farms for factories. Then, the knowledge economy pulled them from factories into offices; rather than leveraging their brawn, companies capitalized on the

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Who among us hasn’t been wowed by the technology on our desktop and in our pocket? But there is one field – arguably our most important industry – in which the digital revolution is stumbling: h

How Should We Measure Health Care Quality?

President Obama said Wednesday he has his pen in hand and is “ready to sign

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We’re all racing to be more entrepreneurial, to spark – or reignite – innovation that creates breakthrough products, establishes new markets and brings in new customers. It’s not just for smal

Leading Your Team into the Unknown

Innovation is a top priority for enterprises around the world. The quickening pace of technological change and mounting pressure of global competition are helping fuel the urgency. But leaders can’t