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Good Companies Make You Think. Great Companies Make You Feel.

Lead with your heart – not just in life, but in business too. For some of us, the idea of bringing emotions into the workplace is uncomfortable; a sign of weakness that devalues authority and underm

Will Computers Replace Physicians?

Without question, technology can – and does – bring improved efficiency to our lives. In many sectors, including healthcare, digital innovation continues to streamline many routine tasks, whether

Leading Your Team into the Unknown

Innovation is a top priority for enterprises around the world. The quickening pace of technological change and mounting pressure of global competition are helping fuel the urgency. But leaders can’t

What is Quality in Health Care Delivery?

As value-based payment takes hold in health care, the definition of quality and how it’s measured is quickly becoming a significant source of confusion and contention. But according to

Education for All: Learning in the 21st Century

This spring, backlash against standardized testing will reach a fever pitch as parents across the U.S. pull tens of thousands of children out of exams and make themselves heard at top levels of govern