Michelle Weise, Ph.D., helps institutions and their leaders navigate the dynamics of disruption across a rapidly changing academic terrain.

Senior Research Fellow at the Clayton Christensen Institute (the Institute), Weise specializes in disruptive innovation in higher education. Her work informs policymakers, community leaders, academic administrators and innovators about how the theories of disruption clarify our understanding of the industry’s transformation. Weise’s seminal book – “Hire Education: Mastery, Modularization, and the Workforce Revolution,” co-authored with Clayton Christensen – unveils the tectonic shifts to come, and discusses how online competency-based education will revolutionize the workforce and disrupt higher education.

Beyond competency-based learning, Weise’s research delves into student-learning outcomes, assessments, and public-private partnerships. Her voice has been featured in all major education publications, including the New England Journal of Higher Education, The Chronicle of Higher Education, Inside Higher Ed, as well as top-tier business outlets, such as Harvard Business Review,The Economist, Bloomberg BusinessWeek and USA Today.

Prior to joining the Institute, Weise was vice president of Academic Affairs for Fidelis Education. She has also held instructional positions, serving as a professor at Skidmore College and an instructor at Stanford University. A former Fulbright Scholar, Weise is a graduate of Harvard University; she earned her master’s and doctorate degrees from Stanford University.

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Twitter: @rwmichelle