Digital overload may be an overwhelming avalanche for you, but Steven Rosenbaum actually sees it as an extraordinary opportunity. He says brands and media companies can jump into the breech, and make the content maelstrom manageable in today’s increasingly transparent and connected world.

Rosenbaum is a pioneer at the forefront of the rapidly changing media landscape, an expert in helping companies and consumers navigate, simplify and filter the Web’s “firehose” of content to create digital identities that tell their stories. He is CEO of Waywire Enterprise, the leading provider of cloud-based video curation solutions to the online publishing, brands, and ad networks. Waywire has deals with hundreds of content providers, including providers like Conde Nast, Yahoo, AOL, Discovery, BBC and MSNBC, and enables more than a 90,000 sites – including New York magazine, Mediaite and – to find, upload and aggregate compelling, relevant and contextual videos from across the web, strengthening brand positioning and visibility.

His latest book, Curate This!, provides comprehensive strategies for taking curatorial skills in a media environment and bringing to your organization.  His first book, Curation Nation (McGraw Hill, 2011), explores the changing worlds of publishing, consumer content and brand-centric curation through the experiences of and insights from more than 60 thought leaders and companies. An engaging speaker, whose credits include a rousing TEDx talk, Rosenbaum is also a talented and provocative writer, contributing regularly to Forbes, Huffington Post, Fast Company and Columbia Journalism Review among other high-profile platforms.

Widely regarded as the father of user-generated video, Rosenbaum created MTV UNfiltered, the groundbreaking, pre-web television series that handed cameras to young storytellers. He is also renowned in film. An Emmy Award-winning documentary filmmaker, his “7 Days in September” gathered more than 500 hours of video around 9/11 – taking viewers on an emotional journey through the eyes of 28 filmmakers and citizen storytellers. Other film work includes long-form documentary projects for National Geographic, HBO, CNN, MSNBC, Discovery, A&E and The History Channel.

An entrepreneur at heart, Rosenbaum currently serves as New York City’s first-ever “Entrepreneur At Large,” providing guidance and expertise to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses while also helping develop new and innovative ideas for the future.

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