“Who you are drives what you do,” says Bob Rosen. “And what you do drives how you perform.” It’s a mantra at the heart of his work helping develop grounded leaders and in turn, healthy companies.

A trusted CEO adviser and organizational psychologist, Rosen founded Healthy Companies International more than 20 years ago with the singular goal of helping top executives achieve their leadership potential. With support from a multiyear grant from the MacArthur Foundation, he and his colleagues began an in-depth study of leadership. Since then, he has personally interviewed more than 400 CEOs—in 50 countries—in organizations as diverse as Ford, Motorola, Johnson & Johnson, Singapore Airlines, Brinks, Northrop Grumman, Toyota, Citigroup, PepsiCo, ING, and PricewaterhouseCoopers. His most critical findings have been distilled into the Grounded Leadership Model, which shows leaders at every level, industry, and sector how to develop six specific dimensions of themselves for greater impact.

A frequent commentator in and contributor to top-tier media – including the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Bloomberg Businessweek, Financial Times, Time among them – Rosen is also a bestselling author of titles including “The Healthy Company” (Tarcher, 1992), “Leading People” (Penguin, 1997), “Just Enough Anxiety” (Portfolio, 2008), “Global Literacies” (Simon & Schuster, 2000), “The Catalyst” (Racom Communications, 2011), and his most recent New York Times bestseller, “Grounded” (Jossey-Bass, 2013). His expertise and passion for his work also translates to compelling lectures, and actionable workshops and seminars with a special focus on personal and corporate leadership.

Rosen graduated from the University of Virginia, and earned a Ph.D. in clinical psychology from the University of Pittsburgh. He teaches in executive education programs around the world, and has been a long-time faculty member in psychiatry and behavioral sciences at George Washington University’s School of Medicine.

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