Growth in a Low Growth Economy

What can Western enterprises do now to enhance their competitiveness and find growth opportunities in a low growth environment? Drawing on compelling research from the new Monitor report, “Growth in a Low Growth Economy,” Eamonn Kelly paints a challenging picture of the world over the next decade, outlining why we’re likely to experience a low-growth environment for longer than we might expect; describing new realities about consumers and consumption; charting how low growth will magnify and accelerate changes in the nature of globalization. His conclusion: growth will return, but the past patterns will not. Eamonn points to actions leaders can take now to be prepared for new sources of growth--and claim a disproportionate share.

Powerful Times

We’re not just living through an "age of change." We’re experiencing a change of age: the most profound inflection point in human history since the Enlightenment. In this remarkable presentation based on his book of the same name, Eamonn weaves together seven powerful "dynamic tensions" that will fundamentally reshape human life in the coming decades. From terrorism and nuclear proliferation to emerging technologies that could change the nature of humanity to the rise of new and innovative economic powers. Whether you are an executive, strategist, entrepreneur, policymaker, or citizen, this session delivers actionable insights to help you understand and prepare for what’s coming and to transform this moment of uncertainty and complexity into unprecedented opportunity.


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Powerful Times

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